Friday, February 5, 2016

Detective Case File-junk journal

Detective case file theme, a junk journal that's sort of an experiment, the most simple junk journal I think I've ever done.
The theme of this book is inspired off the theme of case files and crime scene paper work, like stuff you dream about in mystery novels or see while watching detective films/ tv series.
I've always been a bit odd in the sense that case files full of paperclips, photos, paperwork, bits and pieces of evidence, and hand written notes have always come across as interesting to me. It's like a book you're not suppose to look into.

My inspiration for this theme only carried further from the ideas of detective stories I like to write myself, thinking of concepts and acting the detective, in this case her name being Sicline Orvel, changed to Sicline Silver after marriage (odd story, no need for me to go further).
I stamped classified in red ink on my cover, highly simple, the rest very plain as it's meant to be.
 though the book is filled with all recycled materials, garbage destined for the recycling bin, I tried to assemble it in a creative manner as I do all my books, so it seemed less trashy and carried the theme I was going for.

Not sure if I pulled it off, knowing it still looks very junky, but as the theme goes, an investigation file doesn't always look clean and organized, ideas and scraps spread all over the place make sense, leaving room for creative concepts.
 I plan on using this book for collage, sketching, anything that seems fitting for the theme of crime scene investigator. It's sort of like a place to work where I can get in touch with my inner character, play detective and be a nut. :P

I'll probably slip plenty of things in the pockets, add paint splotches to pages that need a little mud or grit, slip in loose papers using paperclips and staples. Basically I'd use the book with the thought of how actual information is filed.
I even added some old scanned notes in the back from another project, liking the idea of collaging the pages, using text as texture and even adding some striped and plain paper to the very end for actual notes of my own.

The biggest challenge I faced while working on this book was deciding what materials I'd use, and what materials I'd set aside for other projects. I sat there for awhile determining which papers I felt would work better for collage texture, and which papers worked well for pages and inserts. In the end the papers I left out may still end up in it, just used as texture and elements for collage instead of a page base.

I of course made a basic video to show all the elements added in the book, including a beat up memo pad. 
This project has been a warm up, something done to help nudge my creativity back into shape. It might be fun to see others try out this theme in their own style. I know people have made Cherlock Holms journals before, so why not a crime scene file book, a place to create your own mystery. 

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