Friday, February 12, 2016

BIG Food Book- completed junk journal

I mentioned about this book in two previous posts, the one being  BIG Trader Joes Food Journal- DIY where I shared a video on how to make the pages of an album this size. I also have a post where I shared a video on how I made some of the inserts in this album TJ Food Catalog Food Box Inserts-DIY Vid

Now that's it's been a long time, I decided to finally show my progress in the book, which has been mostly finished and getting too thick to add more to. There are places here and there I may add a few last details to, but it's time for a video to show what all I have down, not progressing much further past its current stage.
Enjoy the following video and pictures.
Inside I collaged my inner cover with images from the bags themselves, then glazed it over. As mentioned in the video, I learned things about glazes and glues which became helpful for future projects.
My favorite picture of them all is the man with the spyglass (left). I created sections with a decorated page to introduce category, the first being the food category with more Trader Joe's images collaged on (right).

For my categories I created tabs using end scraps from cereal and other food boxes. I then stamped on my categories.
My first page with all things cheesy.
Another favorite section with lots of color and a glazed over yogurt box. I also kept sugar brands the family wanted to remember.
Not only did I enjoy this cheese, but I also love the box art of it, so here it stays where I can look at it.
A place for salsa brands and favorite meats. Printed out my own description and found images of foods that contain prosciutto.
Past the pizza section we have some sub bags I liked the look of, and liked the subs too.
A happy page that leads into the comfort food category. Mac n cheese, chowder, and instant noodles.
The comfort food section continues a few pages and I include more Trader Joe's fliers along the way.
I made a separator for the drinks section, used a Trader Joes bottle bag to decorate it.
Quite a few of the soda labels I include I just liked the look of, despite the fact I didn't get to try them.
I loved the look of the vintage style used for these labels, so I saved them, and also learned that Liquitex jell medium is super shiny, but doesn't dry well in humid environments, so it's best to use varnish for sealing your papers, or else you face sticky pages.
The very back of the book is also decorated with collage, the book cover sealed with Mod Podge paper glue.

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