Saturday, January 2, 2016

Venus, Queen of Plants

 During the end of December I snapped pictures of Venus all dressed up in her plant queen outfit (a piece of fabric and ribbon wrapped around her body, then accented with a vintage pin).
 Sleeping Beastly. Even plant queens need naps.
 Resting Hystrangia. She's an odd beauty.
 But she can be scary if you wake her.
 "In the garden" Oh how lovely it is to converse with the vines and leaves.

 Communicating with nature.
 An interesting observation.
 Move aside. Venus pushes the vines from her path with a little plant magic.
Close up "Kiss the hands" and no magic view (right).
 Brambles, vines, twist and twine, come to me, you will be mine. Venus is calling the plants to her aid.
 So you know what normal versions look like without glowing green wisps (above and below).

Afternoon Leisure. Venus is having a nice day in speckled shade, looking as pretty as a fairy, ready for a nap.
I love making these scenes! :)

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