Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Secretary and Cat- Make A Wish ATC collage

 A Cat Woman inspired collage, this is a first. The image of the same woman in different clothes was in the fliers side by side. I had watched the Tim Burton Batman film a bit before, and found these images matched something silly. Secretary by day, cat woman by night, office clothes and nerdy glasses, then an odd gown mimicking the theme of Cat Woman's tight suit. I asked myself why she'd be wearing such an odd dress, and figured she wanted to look fancier for the night, trying to catch Batman's attention for some reason.

I used a tissue box, hand cut elements, stamping, flier images, marker, scrapbook paper, jell pen, stenciling, and tissue paper to create my scenes side by side in my art journal.

 Make A Wish was an ATC started by mother many years ago, creates as a birthday gift, but never completed. It had been hiding in a plastic bag, tucked away for a long time with loose elements remaining. I finally took it out and completed what she started, adding the title and clothes, noticing she's an even nuttier fairy for only having one long sleeve (a mistake I made, but charm is good). Look out Mr. Frog, this fairy may turn you into a toad.

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