Friday, January 22, 2016

Natural Beauty-Liberty- I Smell Ceder

Natural Beauty, a collage inspired by color and a few different themes. The reptile skin stamping is there to help pick up on the product for moister, our red haired beauty with her bird like hairdo peeking through a frame of swirling furn like things. On a nerdy note, this also inspires elemental themes, a fire woman in the jungle (Bionicle reference).

Created with scrapbook paper, stamping, flier images, and marker.
 "Liberty" (left), a random patriotic collage page for the month of July. I even know the answer to the quiz question on the page, France gave us the goddess statue who was once copper, but turned green.
 Made with flier images, scrapbook paper, a sticker, stenciling, and jell pen.

"I Smell Ceder". Random collage I made for a laugh, loving the woman's smile, a smile I've seen before when someone was being a stinker. This collage has also made me in the mood for West coast themes, specifically places like Washington Oregon.

Made with a flier image, scrapbook paper, a sticker, stamping, and marker.

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