Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mocha Toblerone- Magic Brandy Beans collage

Collage themed for fancy and foreign chocolates I like the flavor of. Mocha Toblerone, perhaps an interesting name for the woman in the picture, an image made to remember the name of the chocolate which tastes wonderful. The hair piece of swirling mocha cream with diamonds on the woman made me think of Nouvea paintings and oddly enough, Star Wars. Something about it I just like.

Elements used: Scrapbook paper, security envelope, Toblerone box, flier images, craft tape, stenciling, marker, and jell pen.
Magic Brandy Beans. No, they don't grow into a bean stock, but they may get you a *sweet* heart. Made this to remember the chocolates which taste pretty good. style of the collage is meant to have an Arabian Night feel. I used scrapbook paper, the box which held the brandy beans, a flier image, embossing, stenciling, and jell pen.

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