Monday, January 25, 2016

Love Spell Parfum- Madam Valentine Barbie

"Love Spell Parfum". Part of an early Valentine's Day theme, this love fairy has a secret, she tainted a perfume with her magic. One spritz and you'll fall madly in love. You know you want some. ;P

Made using flier images, scrapbook paper, stickers, and jell pen.

Madam Valentine Barbie. A collage that represents one of my OCs named Madam Valentine, an opera singer whoms birthday is on Feb. 14, her favorite colors and themes of Valentine's Day, and her songs about love both bitter and/or beautiful.

I wanted to create a stage for her character, with a bedroom prop in the back. What the play is about is up to interpretation I suppose. Image created with flier images, scrapbook paper, craft tape, marker, jell pen, stamping, and embossing.

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