Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little Monster

It's been feeling a bit slow at the craft table, been on what you might call an art hiatus or rut, not in the sense of feeling burnt out, but more like overwhelmed and lacking motivation. 

It's like there's a little monster inside my head that whispers all the things that could go wrong in what I make, or brings up the constant question of why I'm doing something, for what reason, does it matter? I naturally know art isn't something to be judged logically, since it's more of an aesthetic thing, be it a profession or a pass time to keep ones mind occupied and hands busy.

I've been having a hiatus towards certain art themes, particularly ones of scifi-fantasy nature...specifically pertaining to the art pieces having to do with robots of the Bionicle fandom. I find myself iffy towards the newer crowd of fans who view the fan art, seeing them as overly picky and close minded in some respects, so much so that they annoy me and take the fun out of sharing. Granted this won't fully stop me from continuing what I enjoy, it just has limited my motivation to continue for the time being. 
However, I have been getting sparks of inspiration and the urge to encourage other artists who do similar work, inspiring me and helping me get a few new ideas.

You might have noticed my sudden growing collection of collage pieces I've been posting, this being my main focus for nearly half a month now. I've always loved the art form, something about it partially relaxing as I let myself go and try not to think too much about it, seeing if I do I don't get anywhere.

There's only been one major set back that has been leaving me with a heavy feeling in my chest, that aspect being what feels like an addiction to paper supplies, bits and bobs, and things classified as garbage. 
I know I need to purge, finding my pile of collected images, scrapbook supplies, and trash have been getting out of hand for a long time. My predicament is that I feel like no matter how many projects I get down, I find I still have scraps, bits and pieces, things I'm trying to use up and just seem to get more of when I start a project. It can at times be dizzying, sitting down to make something at the craft desk, only to ask myself multiple questions. Why am I making this? I need to make room, but I doubt what I'm making is worth selling. What am I going to do with this? I'm going to have to figure out something and get rid of some stuff. This project should be fun, so why does it feel so hard and pointless? What should go into this book I'm making? Do I want to use what I chose or save some of the things for different projects like collage images or something more pleasing? This is great, I got one project down, maybe I should throw out the scraps.....But wait, I can still use these somewhere. ATC's are tiny and can use small bits of scrap like this, and hey, even the tiniest of scraps can be used for making miniature books for dolls.

Now you can see what generally goes through my head each time I sit down to make something. So what is one to do when space is needed but one project starts a chain reaction of possibilities as to what the leftovers can be used for. It's a viscous never ending cycle, hence why it feels like there's a little monster whispering in my ear.

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