Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Foody Favorites collages

Been working away these past two weeks in my craft corner, making collage out of sheer boredom to pass the time. The foody favorites collection is all about simplicity, working off an already existing theme, and experimentation with color and texture.

The above and following are kind of almost not collage, made for preserving the ad itself because I liked the look of them. "Free Burger" is a Wendy's ad that I stamped a border of red and green around to compliment the colors of the picture, then I added the free burger part.
Garden Bar. I liked the ad, made me hungry, so I glued down the side I liked, added the coupons for that chalk board charm, and embossed green dots to match the ones on the ad itself.
"Join the Club" The sandwiches sounded so yummy that I wanted to remember the ingredients so I could make my own one day. I like keeping memories in an artsy way, so I framed the ad, then put in my own logo at the bottom with a fine frame connecting to them. Shame the scanner can't pick up on the metallic sheen of the gold and green jell pen.

"Fish & Chips". This one has more collage elements, using ads, a food flier image from Fresh Market, a scrap of hand stenciled paper, and parts of a salmon box. No idea what the theme is, just made it because I was bored.
"Maryland Crab". An experiment with texture and color using scrap packaging, cracker and pasta boxes, fliers, and stamping. Something about it reflects something I want, an adventure to places like Main and other northern regions. I like the farmland, the water, and the forest.

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