Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cotton Trees-collage

 This was a fun little project which took some extra thought and a few days to plan. 

A cotton tree farm, created with clips and textures from a long piece of batting wrapper, the main cotton pictures inspiring the idea. 

This is the first time I've tried using text in my background, liking the teal color which served as a nice sky. Final touches were added using scrapbook die cuts.

It reminds me of a nice spring day, and if not for the fact I'm very allergic to cotton trees, I wish I could go for a stroll through this cheerful farm.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Little Monster

It's been feeling a bit slow at the craft table, been on what you might call an art hiatus or rut, not in the sense of feeling burnt out, but more like overwhelmed and lacking motivation. 

It's like there's a little monster inside my head that whispers all the things that could go wrong in what I make, or brings up the constant question of why I'm doing something, for what reason, does it matter? I naturally know art isn't something to be judged logically, since it's more of an aesthetic thing, be it a profession or a pass time to keep ones mind occupied and hands busy.

I've been having a hiatus towards certain art themes, particularly ones of scifi-fantasy nature...specifically pertaining to the art pieces having to do with robots of the Bionicle fandom. I find myself iffy towards the newer crowd of fans who view the fan art, seeing them as overly picky and close minded in some respects, so much so that they annoy me and take the fun out of sharing. Granted this won't fully stop me from continuing what I enjoy, it just has limited my motivation to continue for the time being. 
However, I have been getting sparks of inspiration and the urge to encourage other artists who do similar work, inspiring me and helping me get a few new ideas.

You might have noticed my sudden growing collection of collage pieces I've been posting, this being my main focus for nearly half a month now. I've always loved the art form, something about it partially relaxing as I let myself go and try not to think too much about it, seeing if I do I don't get anywhere.

There's only been one major set back that has been leaving me with a heavy feeling in my chest, that aspect being what feels like an addiction to paper supplies, bits and bobs, and things classified as garbage. 
I know I need to purge, finding my pile of collected images, scrapbook supplies, and trash have been getting out of hand for a long time. My predicament is that I feel like no matter how many projects I get down, I find I still have scraps, bits and pieces, things I'm trying to use up and just seem to get more of when I start a project. It can at times be dizzying, sitting down to make something at the craft desk, only to ask myself multiple questions. Why am I making this? I need to make room, but I doubt what I'm making is worth selling. What am I going to do with this? I'm going to have to figure out something and get rid of some stuff. This project should be fun, so why does it feel so hard and pointless? What should go into this book I'm making? Do I want to use what I chose or save some of the things for different projects like collage images or something more pleasing? This is great, I got one project down, maybe I should throw out the scraps.....But wait, I can still use these somewhere. ATC's are tiny and can use small bits of scrap like this, and hey, even the tiniest of scraps can be used for making miniature books for dolls.

Now you can see what generally goes through my head each time I sit down to make something. So what is one to do when space is needed but one project starts a chain reaction of possibilities as to what the leftovers can be used for. It's a viscous never ending cycle, hence why it feels like there's a little monster whispering in my ear.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Love Spell Parfum- Madam Valentine Barbie

"Love Spell Parfum". Part of an early Valentine's Day theme, this love fairy has a secret, she tainted a perfume with her magic. One spritz and you'll fall madly in love. You know you want some. ;P

Made using flier images, scrapbook paper, stickers, and jell pen.

Madam Valentine Barbie. A collage that represents one of my OCs named Madam Valentine, an opera singer whoms birthday is on Feb. 14, her favorite colors and themes of Valentine's Day, and her songs about love both bitter and/or beautiful.

I wanted to create a stage for her character, with a bedroom prop in the back. What the play is about is up to interpretation I suppose. Image created with flier images, scrapbook paper, craft tape, marker, jell pen, stamping, and embossing.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vale O Card

This is a recent birthday card I made for someone on the 21'st. I used cloud effects and Nouveau motifs. It may seem a bit dark for a birthday greeting, but dark at times just feels classy to me. 

There's actually some symbolism in the card, because I enjoy adding hidden messages or metaphor to my work. The roses, black and gray color choices, and Vale O all mean something, something personal. I added the symbolism for my own comfort and relief.

On a side note, creating this card sprung some other ideas, the center piece reminding me of a rotary saw. I may work upon this idea in the near future, make an image having to do with tools of nature.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Natural Beauty-Liberty- I Smell Ceder

Natural Beauty, a collage inspired by color and a few different themes. The reptile skin stamping is there to help pick up on the product for moister, our red haired beauty with her bird like hairdo peeking through a frame of swirling furn like things. On a nerdy note, this also inspires elemental themes, a fire woman in the jungle (Bionicle reference).

Created with scrapbook paper, stamping, flier images, and marker.
 "Liberty" (left), a random patriotic collage page for the month of July. I even know the answer to the quiz question on the page, France gave us the goddess statue who was once copper, but turned green.
 Made with flier images, scrapbook paper, a sticker, stenciling, and jell pen.

"I Smell Ceder". Random collage I made for a laugh, loving the woman's smile, a smile I've seen before when someone was being a stinker. This collage has also made me in the mood for West coast themes, specifically places like Washington Oregon.

Made with a flier image, scrapbook paper, a sticker, stamping, and marker.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mocha Toblerone- Magic Brandy Beans collage

Collage themed for fancy and foreign chocolates I like the flavor of. Mocha Toblerone, perhaps an interesting name for the woman in the picture, an image made to remember the name of the chocolate which tastes wonderful. The hair piece of swirling mocha cream with diamonds on the woman made me think of Nouvea paintings and oddly enough, Star Wars. Something about it I just like.

Elements used: Scrapbook paper, security envelope, Toblerone box, flier images, craft tape, stenciling, marker, and jell pen.
Magic Brandy Beans. No, they don't grow into a bean stock, but they may get you a *sweet* heart. Made this to remember the chocolates which taste pretty good. style of the collage is meant to have an Arabian Night feel. I used scrapbook paper, the box which held the brandy beans, a flier image, embossing, stenciling, and jell pen.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Secretary and Cat- Make A Wish ATC collage

 A Cat Woman inspired collage, this is a first. The image of the same woman in different clothes was in the fliers side by side. I had watched the Tim Burton Batman film a bit before, and found these images matched something silly. Secretary by day, cat woman by night, office clothes and nerdy glasses, then an odd gown mimicking the theme of Cat Woman's tight suit. I asked myself why she'd be wearing such an odd dress, and figured she wanted to look fancier for the night, trying to catch Batman's attention for some reason.

I used a tissue box, hand cut elements, stamping, flier images, marker, scrapbook paper, jell pen, stenciling, and tissue paper to create my scenes side by side in my art journal.

 Make A Wish was an ATC started by mother many years ago, creates as a birthday gift, but never completed. It had been hiding in a plastic bag, tucked away for a long time with loose elements remaining. I finally took it out and completed what she started, adding the title and clothes, noticing she's an even nuttier fairy for only having one long sleeve (a mistake I made, but charm is good). Look out Mr. Frog, this fairy may turn you into a toad.

Foody Favorites collages

Been working away these past two weeks in my craft corner, making collage out of sheer boredom to pass the time. The foody favorites collection is all about simplicity, working off an already existing theme, and experimentation with color and texture.

The above and following are kind of almost not collage, made for preserving the ad itself because I liked the look of them. "Free Burger" is a Wendy's ad that I stamped a border of red and green around to compliment the colors of the picture, then I added the free burger part.
Garden Bar. I liked the ad, made me hungry, so I glued down the side I liked, added the coupons for that chalk board charm, and embossed green dots to match the ones on the ad itself.
"Join the Club" The sandwiches sounded so yummy that I wanted to remember the ingredients so I could make my own one day. I like keeping memories in an artsy way, so I framed the ad, then put in my own logo at the bottom with a fine frame connecting to them. Shame the scanner can't pick up on the metallic sheen of the gold and green jell pen.

"Fish & Chips". This one has more collage elements, using ads, a food flier image from Fresh Market, a scrap of hand stenciled paper, and parts of a salmon box. No idea what the theme is, just made it because I was bored.
"Maryland Crab". An experiment with texture and color using scrap packaging, cracker and pasta boxes, fliers, and stamping. Something about it reflects something I want, an adventure to places like Main and other northern regions. I like the farmland, the water, and the forest.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Say Something

 Experimenting and having fun with photography again. I get a sense of relaxation from creating photo scenes, this one inspired by the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World. 

Creation of the photo was my first time in using trickery of size difference. The cell phone isn't actually that far away from the doll, but because the phone is the focus and the doll is blurred along with the background, it gives the sense of it being left behind. Sky and road are scrapbook paper, and the telephone poles wedged in grass are selected from photos of mine, digitally edited in then blurred. 

There's more story behind this image on the original post Say Something Ero, for those who are interested.

Monday, January 4, 2016

A Deadly Fairy

Venus as a fairy, imagine a green fairy with dragonfly wings and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Venus becomes a fairy of the dark wood, a beautiful sight until she hungers for insects to feast on, then she'll buzz about eating whatever comes her way.

Above versions are to look like sunset or firelight.
Venus Fairy in moonlight. I wanted to try out both warm and cool light on the scene.
"How do I look in this dress?" 

It was somewhat difficult tying wings to her and hanging her by a clear string to get these shots. 

This style of a flowing gown and fairy wings is inspired off scenes from Cirque Du Soleil. An example is shown below.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Venus, Queen of Plants

 During the end of December I snapped pictures of Venus all dressed up in her plant queen outfit (a piece of fabric and ribbon wrapped around her body, then accented with a vintage pin).
 Sleeping Beastly. Even plant queens need naps.
 Resting Hystrangia. She's an odd beauty.
 But she can be scary if you wake her.
 "In the garden" Oh how lovely it is to converse with the vines and leaves.

 Communicating with nature.
 An interesting observation.
 Move aside. Venus pushes the vines from her path with a little plant magic.
Close up "Kiss the hands" and no magic view (right).
 Brambles, vines, twist and twine, come to me, you will be mine. Venus is calling the plants to her aid.
 So you know what normal versions look like without glowing green wisps (above and below).

Afternoon Leisure. Venus is having a nice day in speckled shade, looking as pretty as a fairy, ready for a nap.
I love making these scenes! :)