Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Toga Kitty- Royal French Bulldog- Aquafaria Guardian

Collage pieces from November, excluding "Toga Kitty" just above, a collage piece from who knows when. I was reminded of it when I thought of a friend, and must say it's one of the stranger pieces I've done. For those who like toga wearing critters, have a laugh. :P

Royal French Bulldog, or French Bulldog Princess was a random November collage made from an already existing background with French bulldog, then framed with craft tape. I remembered a picture I liked and was completely amused to add the woman wearing a shirt with a French bulldog on it. Seems she really likes this kind of dog.

Aquafaria Guardian, a sea nymph, protector of the fishes. This ladies dress reminded me of one of those tropical fish or sea snails, giving me the idea to make her aquatic.

I used scrapbook paper for the background, scrapbook embellishments (the fish and seaweed transparencies), flier images of a woman and jewelry pieces, the fin made from part of a chocolate wrapper, a little eye shadow for skin tinting, and the metallic scales made with jell pen.

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