Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sugar Fairy Tree and Happy New Year

 "Come with me to the sugar fairy tree." Yes, my Christmas tree has fairies, cupcakes, and assorted pastel ornaments on it. It's not till I decided to pose Ella next to it that I noticed it's not only wintery in theme, but also sugar fairy-ish.
"Sparkly Sweet" (left). "The Glass Cupcake" (right). "I know glass slippers are a thing, but a glass cupcake the size of my head, whoa." Careful not to stare into that shiny wrapper for too long, you might become a sugar fairy, too buzzed to stay still. :P
 And now, happy new year! Got my trio of new dolls set up for an enchanted new year forest party, and took the pictures by midnight.

Notice homemade accessories? I've already made headbands, a scrunchy scarf, and check out Ella's newest holiday tutu. (I spent an hour sewing on the red sequins....with clear nylon thread. It was a pain, but the end results were worth it). :D

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