Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Peeking Through Taro and Once Upon A Time

 Peeking through the taro and smiling devilishly, this is Venus's game of hide and go seek.

I wanted to experiment with my new dolls, settled on doing some rough photography with Venus McFlytrap first. I posed her in the taro plant and did some photo editing/manipulation for the background and her face in the first image above.
Main images retain her cute look. I hope to start taking more fun photos in time, just having to figure out some new costume ideas to make for her because I love changing up themes and styles.
 Speaking of themes and fashion, look who arrived in the mail on Wednesday. my very own Ever After High Ella of mirror beach doll.
 I've already got some fun outfit ideas I want to make for her, but decided to take a few pictures of just her from the box for now, posed against the perfect paper background choice. :P

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