Monday, December 28, 2015

Monster High Doll Fashion Form

 So, I got a few Monster High Dolls recently, and decided to make some fashion forms to make outfit designing easier. 
 To achieve this I took photos of my doll in the nude (not a pretty sight, especially the back side). This was the first step, then I traced over the pictures on my computer, and created a two part template series, the main one above, and the basic side views below. 
These templates have helped me design fun fashion concepts that may later be made into actual cloths for the dolls. It's nice to know how something might look on the doll before you've actually sewn it, plus this a great way to design your own Monster High characters. :)

I may share the sketches and my method of designing on paper in the future, plus share photos of outfits actually made when I get around to it. till then, have fun trying out the templates for yourself, and see what you come up with. ;P

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