Monday, December 28, 2015


"I don't know what to feel...." Gotta smile through the tears.

Bittersweet is an odd image that's slightly different from my normal style. The idea of an art piece to display the concept of feeling bittersweet has been on my mind for quite awhile, this emotion continuously blooming in my chest.

It's not till recently that I found influence to create a picture that displays this emotion through color. Deviant Art had some kind of monthly sketch challenge to create a picture that displays an emotion using color, the idea inspired by a member named Destiny Blue. I've liked some of her work before, just never realized how known she was in the community of artists on DA, her work emotion based and color themed in many cases, something I of course gravitate towards.

Though I was unwilling to participate in the challenge due to program choices they wished people to try out, I did jump on the challenge as a personal thing, using the program I'm most comfortable with, that being PSE. 

My color choices and style type were heavily influenced off my recent interest for Monster High dolls, specifically Elissabat and Draculara. I enjoyed experimenting with Tim Burton-ex styles for the background, but despite my efforts of trying to make something interesting, I slowly started to feel my ability to draw were giving out on me. 
I had to tell myself to relax, despite the fact I fall short in being as skilled of an artist like so many I admire who excel and exceed in their own ability. After that I did what I could with the energy I had, not quite nailing what was in my mind, but getting something interesting anyway. 

Can you notice the symbolism? She smirks on one side, the other half of her lip drooping as her eyes drip with tears and the term bittersweet becomes known through the colors blue, black, gray, purple, and pink.

Now that I think on it, Bittersweet could be the name of this character, an interesting figure who walks the world of Monster High or even the darker part of Ever After High.

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