Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sugar Fairy Tree and Happy New Year

 "Come with me to the sugar fairy tree." Yes, my Christmas tree has fairies, cupcakes, and assorted pastel ornaments on it. It's not till I decided to pose Ella next to it that I noticed it's not only wintery in theme, but also sugar fairy-ish.
"Sparkly Sweet" (left). "The Glass Cupcake" (right). "I know glass slippers are a thing, but a glass cupcake the size of my head, whoa." Careful not to stare into that shiny wrapper for too long, you might become a sugar fairy, too buzzed to stay still. :P
 And now, happy new year! Got my trio of new dolls set up for an enchanted new year forest party, and took the pictures by midnight.

Notice homemade accessories? I've already made headbands, a scrunchy scarf, and check out Ella's newest holiday tutu. (I spent an hour sewing on the red sequins....with clear nylon thread. It was a pain, but the end results were worth it). :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Peeking Through Taro and Once Upon A Time

 Peeking through the taro and smiling devilishly, this is Venus's game of hide and go seek.

I wanted to experiment with my new dolls, settled on doing some rough photography with Venus McFlytrap first. I posed her in the taro plant and did some photo editing/manipulation for the background and her face in the first image above.
Main images retain her cute look. I hope to start taking more fun photos in time, just having to figure out some new costume ideas to make for her because I love changing up themes and styles.
 Speaking of themes and fashion, look who arrived in the mail on Wednesday. my very own Ever After High Ella of mirror beach doll.
 I've already got some fun outfit ideas I want to make for her, but decided to take a few pictures of just her from the box for now, posed against the perfect paper background choice. :P

Monday, December 28, 2015


"I don't know what to feel...." Gotta smile through the tears.

Bittersweet is an odd image that's slightly different from my normal style. The idea of an art piece to display the concept of feeling bittersweet has been on my mind for quite awhile, this emotion continuously blooming in my chest.

It's not till recently that I found influence to create a picture that displays this emotion through color. Deviant Art had some kind of monthly sketch challenge to create a picture that displays an emotion using color, the idea inspired by a member named Destiny Blue. I've liked some of her work before, just never realized how known she was in the community of artists on DA, her work emotion based and color themed in many cases, something I of course gravitate towards.

Though I was unwilling to participate in the challenge due to program choices they wished people to try out, I did jump on the challenge as a personal thing, using the program I'm most comfortable with, that being PSE. 

My color choices and style type were heavily influenced off my recent interest for Monster High dolls, specifically Elissabat and Draculara. I enjoyed experimenting with Tim Burton-ex styles for the background, but despite my efforts of trying to make something interesting, I slowly started to feel my ability to draw were giving out on me. 
I had to tell myself to relax, despite the fact I fall short in being as skilled of an artist like so many I admire who excel and exceed in their own ability. After that I did what I could with the energy I had, not quite nailing what was in my mind, but getting something interesting anyway. 

Can you notice the symbolism? She smirks on one side, the other half of her lip drooping as her eyes drip with tears and the term bittersweet becomes known through the colors blue, black, gray, purple, and pink.

Now that I think on it, Bittersweet could be the name of this character, an interesting figure who walks the world of Monster High or even the darker part of Ever After High.

Monster High Doll Fashion Form

 So, I got a few Monster High Dolls recently, and decided to make some fashion forms to make outfit designing easier. 
 To achieve this I took photos of my doll in the nude (not a pretty sight, especially the back side). This was the first step, then I traced over the pictures on my computer, and created a two part template series, the main one above, and the basic side views below. 
These templates have helped me design fun fashion concepts that may later be made into actual cloths for the dolls. It's nice to know how something might look on the doll before you've actually sewn it, plus this a great way to design your own Monster High characters. :)

I may share the sketches and my method of designing on paper in the future, plus share photos of outfits actually made when I get around to it. till then, have fun trying out the templates for yourself, and see what you come up with. ;P

Monday, December 21, 2015

I Want To Believe

Back on the 16'th I snapped a photo during a walk with company, then created this X Files themed poster a few days later.

It was a fun joke, liked enough that two were printed, the one framed in a poster style frame as a gift to a friend.

To me, this picture is made by the Sarcasm shirt and facial expression. :P
Though "I want to believe" is the traditional quote of the poster in X Files, I also experimented with two other quotes just to see how it looked.

Had fun adjusting starliner font, giving it a personal touch of dots.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Toga Kitty- Royal French Bulldog- Aquafaria Guardian

Collage pieces from November, excluding "Toga Kitty" just above, a collage piece from who knows when. I was reminded of it when I thought of a friend, and must say it's one of the stranger pieces I've done. For those who like toga wearing critters, have a laugh. :P

Royal French Bulldog, or French Bulldog Princess was a random November collage made from an already existing background with French bulldog, then framed with craft tape. I remembered a picture I liked and was completely amused to add the woman wearing a shirt with a French bulldog on it. Seems she really likes this kind of dog.

Aquafaria Guardian, a sea nymph, protector of the fishes. This ladies dress reminded me of one of those tropical fish or sea snails, giving me the idea to make her aquatic.

I used scrapbook paper for the background, scrapbook embellishments (the fish and seaweed transparencies), flier images of a woman and jewelry pieces, the fin made from part of a chocolate wrapper, a little eye shadow for skin tinting, and the metallic scales made with jell pen.