Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three Virtues Fashion

More Bionicle themed fashion. I figure if I'm going to design around a theme, I mind as well go full out and do whatever comes to mind.

Above is the matching theme set of casual wear for girl and boy, styles varying slightly.
Both shirts have the three virtues design I adjusted, the girls version a tank top style with sparkly studs accenting the collar, and star glitter swirling in a pattern on the jeans to match. The shirt design would be printed in a silver paint that reflects light.

Girls outfit comes with additional accessories that encompass the basic themes of Bionicle, everything from the six elemental symbols displayed on the belt, earrings, and gem studded bracelet, topped off with the light and shadow pendant of Takanuva and Makuta.

Boy version also has its own accessories of choice, a more masculine version  of the elemental symbol belt, element symbol bracelet with enamel coloring, and optional elemental symbol pendant on a chain (light and shadow pendant also optional). Boy version is a basic T shirt with grey accents for sleeves and neckline, completed with the three virtues listed on the back side of the shirt.
I made two girl versions, one classy, one casual. I really like the classy one, same shirt with a sparkly star glitter accented skirt, complimented with a metallic sash belt and boots to match; plus goes great with the Mata Nui Virtue necklace with matching earrings. Style is meant to hold a celestial feel.

There may be more possible fashion designs based around this theme in the near future. A final note is that the casual girls outfit could also be accented with the elemental symbol headband.

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