Friday, November 27, 2015

The Road to Somewhere

"Dusted Sunset Stroll" (left). "The Road to Somewhere" (right).

Often when I'm feeling pressured and trapped, I've dreamed of walking on a road that leads somewhere else, somewhere new and far away, somewhere different and calm.

For the past few weeks I've dreamed of just walking and never stopping, like I want to walk till I reach where I belong, wherever that is. 

The pictures above are meant to express that feeling of walking and walking for however long just to feel peaceful. Originally I was going to make a still life photo with figurines to express this idea, till I remembered I had these pictures from long ago of me walking on a park trail in different locations.
I added details like color philters and flower frames to give it a more overrun feel, like walking for long amounts of time till plants start taking over.

These images are the start of the series for the road to somewhere; I may add to the collection every now and then.

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