Sunday, November 29, 2015

Silver Polka Lace- Silky Night Robe- Sunlight Element

Silver polka lace outfit. Odd name, but It's all I could think of for an outfit I'd love to make and wear. The shirt idea was inspired off the silver polka dot material I got for my monarch fairy costume.

Left version is more of what the outfit is meant to look like, black material instead of gray. I had to use gray for actual color in order to show drawn lines (right).
This material with polka dots so shiny they reflect. I love the feel of it, a cozy knit, nice and stretchy, great for a shirt. I'd make a shirt with it if I could, and wear the matching skirt design, a black material with a silver lace overlay and ruffled silver ribbon trim on the bottom, completed with a pair of sparkly silver ballerina flats topped off with a small bow.

While I was at it on my designing spree, I drew up a silky robe for nighttime, the design based off an actual robe I have which I'd like to replicate and adjust. This may also look nice in a light shade of pink.

Lace lines the neck and sleeves, panel of lace is sewn over the front just above the chest, closed with pearl painted buttons.

Sunlight Element, a fancy costume design made after I had a small day dream. The element theme is based off a Bionicle character named Takanuva, the Toa of light (right).

I had this day dream of what I'd wear themed off this character instead of the Takanuva T shirt provided by the LEGO company, the design of it seeming to lack something. I dreamed that as Pearllight in the mythical world of fantasy, I would go full out with the theme of light, and had a blurry idea of an outfit design.

Light element costume consists of a pair of pants and shirt (possibly connected as a whole knit suit). Gloves, boots, and belt skirt are added to it; each piece accented with golden metal plating, topped off with a crown. Note the spikes and dot details represent light beams, a few spots accented with sparkly white gems.

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