Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nightmares of Decay

 I've been working on some more personal projects lately, having to do with some internal moods that always seem present somewhere inside despite the fact I do what I can to keep the moods from surfacing and tainting the bright, colorful, bubbly, or bittersweet ideas.

This demotion based image is very opinionated and rather personal, rooted to the very core of my darker emotions. Not everyone needs to understand the message, and for those who enjoy gritty art, this and the following may be just for you.
Look, instant mood change when the quote is removed. I call this picture "Worn Down". Created from a photo I took while in Williamsburg VA, edited with photo filter color and a rust overlay. Kind of interesting in an odd way.
Now we get on to the true nightmare. I've been rather dark because of certain things happening lately, and one night while I was trying to sleep, I dreamed I was walking through a post apocalyptic shopping center. It was rather spooky, the sky was a purple blue shade, and there was dust in the air. 

The next thing in the dream was to find a place to hide, determining which dark building was the safest, only to know zombies wandered the area.

"Post Apocalyptic Shopping Center" was my attempt to replicate my dream into something anyone could see. The image is another photo I took, edited with filters and some layering of other elements. I'll also note, if you have a good eye, you may notice a skull face in the sky. (It was an accidental detail I liked).

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