Saturday, November 28, 2015

Monarch Fairy Costume idea

 Back in 2013 I made a post about the left costume design, the Autumn Monarch Fairy. So happens this year I went shopping for materials to use in making this fairy costume, and had to adjust the color scheme of my outfit according to materials available at the fabric store. I already have my pattern, and after choosing my fabric, drew a new version of the costume idea which is now truly a monarch fairy in color scheme.
 As you can see, we grabbed what was affordable and pleasant together, monarchs being orange, black, and white (the silver being the white replacement). I love the stretchy polka dot material for the corset, silver spots being like the white dots on a monarch butterflies body.
 We also got a sheer sparkly black to pick up on more of the silver.
Only needed a bit of orange accent, this material one of the few orange choices they had. Sadly this material is now retired and we didn't get quite enough, so I'll be finding a second orange material to accent this one.

One day if the costume ever gets done, I hope to add a headband with antennae, and try possible makeup techniques to create a butterfly on my face.

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