Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fairy Waltz

 Four days ago in evening I dreamed up a poem based off recent events I've noticed, combined with the realm of fantasy. This poem inspired me to make some pictures for it, and so I have. I'll be sharing the poem in a later post with a specialty picture.

On the 18'th I set the scene for the Fairy Waltz, then had a stroke of bad luck and accidentally broke my camera. Thankfully there's a second camera in the house I can borrow till I get a new one.

At first I was cautious in taking pictures after what happened, so I warmed up by taking a picture of the fairy waltz grounds like a scene before the dance begins.
 My second warm up photo was taken to express my slight sadness of being a klutz, but my little purple fairy was too cute to express that and instead helped me feel better and helped me settle on continuing with my photo shoot.
Of course with a little PSE work, I was able to make her look upset, as an experiment. :P
 I went on to have a little more fun by placing my fairy on mushrooms. I like to think she was the first to be in the region and is waiting for the waltz to start.

Each pictures seems to be like a time of day passing. The first is bright so it's like early evening.
Second is a bit dimmer and more blue.
 I tried getting slightly different angles for a better feel.
 And at last, night starts to near, these two images experiments with color. I felt the blue made it more dreamy, and gave the sense of late evening or moonlight.

  And the waltz begins. It took awhile to pose the Barbies, but I finally got it good enough, and added in smaller pixies by taking separate photos of them and pasting them in with fun effects.
 Closer view of the party.
 Fairy faces of plum princess and the main blue fairy.
 Flower dancers, purple and blue, short, sweet, and traveling in two.
Orange Blossom decided to dance next to the pink fairy (left) because she has orange wings. And to the right is a still view of the plumb princess.
 I wanted to experiment with odder angles, and captured some shots of the blue fairy. The one on the right has a sense of flight to me.
Here's our pink fairy, a non fairy related character made into a sparkly winged dancer.
 Two of my favorites, the purple pixie and her friend rose bud.
 I also got daylight shots of the scene.
 You can see it's very green.
 And here's the final image, a way to give the smallest of pixies a spotlight. Experimented with creating fuzzy lights, and loved it.

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