Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Elf Collage Christmas Cards

 During all of last week I've been working on Buddy the Elf cards, a collage series for my Christmas book. Each picture is made from Elf Christmas wrapping paper as the main element, along with scrapbook papers, washi tape, embossing, stamping, stenciling, inking, pastel, marker, and jell pen.

I wanted a way to incorporate all the fun pictures from the wrapping paper into my book, and card sized collages seemed like the best approach.

"Tip Toe Through Central Park" is the largest collage in the collection, created from a flier image of Christmas trees, the background colored with marker and jell pen, the snow homemade glitter paper, and of course we have Buddy from the wrapping paper.
I had fun incorporating themes from the movie into the art pieces, my first card about his father being on the naughty list. A little detail is that I purposely capitalized the N and Y of the card so it would stand for New York, the city displayed in the snow globe.

Each stenciled letter phrase was thought of according to facial expression of each image. I wanted the phrases to match the body language and expression as best as possible.

The one for early Christmas presents gets me laughing every time I look at it, and is probably one of the most layered collages in the collection.

 My favorite phrase has to be the one where I made a pun. Special Elf was simple, but fun to create.

"Cotton Headed Ninnymugins" I love it, but I feel like a ninnymugins for not spelling ninny right, and for forgetting it had an S in it. I suppose the misspell and fact it's missing an S gives the phrase extra charm. :P One day I might create a second version with proper spelling.
 "Buddy Snow Globe". This one had more paper piecing involved, the entire snow globe made to resemble the one in the wrapping paper. I made it with scrapbook paper, handmade glitter paper, and embossing.
 Son of a Nutcracker was the simplest collage in the collection. It's mostly background with a few main elements.
 "Greetings From Winter Wonderland". The final one I made with the simplest message, a cute, wintery hello, great for an actual card. 

Only thing I wish is that the sparkle in all of these pictures can be captured. You may be seeing the glimmer and shine of them one day if I do an art video.

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