Thursday, November 12, 2015

Elemints Candy Box Design

Elemints, a mint candy collection based off the four elements. I'm at it again with creating faux products for the fun of it, this kind of thing great for creating  props in miniature photography, which I might eventually do with this box art concept. 

The elemints candy product is of course inspired off Bionicle, which is purely based around elemental themes. I decided to stay with the theme of the four main elements instead of trying to cram in all six versions from the Bionicle series (ice and stone being the ones I excluded). This made it easier as well when it came to mint names, since I could only think of four good ones that worked nicely with the four main elements.

This product idea was inspired by the Life of Lewa fan fiction (one of many Bionicle fan fictions I've done). It was a product concept that came to mind during one of my many day dreams of the story, this particular product an idea that popped in my head when I dreamed of my favorite character, Erozion, buying his favorite candy.

Side note, I really enjoyed making the textures for each element, they turned out in a way I didn't expect, but was quite happy with.

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