Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wicked Coffee

As most know, I love coffee, that includes art themed around it. I've been saving this picture for awhile, a tea ad at one point, now made into a collage involving coffee. It's another one of those not complete collage, but more of a mixed media improvement.

I made embossed elements and cut them out, then added them on to cover up words I didn't want. Materials are black scrapbook paper, tea ad, washi tape to create a close frame, green and white embossing powder to create the swirls and other added elements, stamp ink, a variety of stamps including letter stamps, green glitter glue for accents, jell pen for creating the outer frame, custom wicked letters, and accenting.

You can see left version is on the dull side (scanned), right version is a photo to capture the sparkle and non photo colors.
This art piece contains lots of metallic and glitter. I accented the ladies shirt, hat, frame, and letters with metallic or glitter pen. You may not notice it, but I also colored the woman's eye with a green marker.

The title "Coffee so dark it's wicked" was inspired by the tea image itself, seeing it reminded me of the poster from the Broadway show, "WICKED". This led to the inspiration of wicked coffee, only the color scheme is reversed, the cup is green and not the woman.

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