Friday, October 30, 2015

Verpoo Doo & Night Dragon

 Verpoo Doo, my first collage in the poison book. The title of this collage is based off the name of the vial on the charm dangle, mentioned back in the book post. What's our little witch brewing? Maybe pea soup, or maybe she's cleaning the chamber pot. O_O Her dog doesn't know what to think of this, but sometimes success can stink. :P
The main version of Verpoo Doo is a mix of photo and scan. To the left is the photo itself, and details of the metallic green writing is shown to the right.
I also took a picture of my background, most the work involved was spent on it.
Look close, I added sparkly outline to my pink pattern.

Materials: Scrapbook paper, jell pens, stencils, stamps, embossing, eye shadow, and old flier images.
Let the Night "Dragon", a relative of Verpoo Doo in series, made on the other side of the page in the book. 
I had fun with a pun that's been in mind for a long while. Seems our little boy's dragon disguise helped him find a new friend (I just call it a baby bone dragon).  
Scanned version then tweaked with the photo. The main version above is the photo itself. 
A close up of the metallic blue lettering with sparkly accents.
The lantern's color was only captured best as a photo. I used yellow jell pen with a hint of orange and clear sparkly accents.
  And One more close up of our dragon creature with stone and webbing details. 

Materials: Scrapbook paper, jell pen, colored pencil, chalk, stamping, embossing, stenciling, and flier images.

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