Monday, October 19, 2015

Vampiress Rose

More spooky image fun, third experiment of making familiar faces into spooky creatures, this being Vampiress Rose, model is another friend. 

I'm considering this a fun game, and figure that it might be interesting to add these images to a fake photo album (like a play time picture book that tells a story from the what if angle of myself and those I'm familiar with being in a fairy tale setting, each alternate concept being a new idea). Basically, play journals that show the side of what if one day we're vegetarian vampires, what if another day we're vikings. How would we be in different roles, what part of the story do we take part in? It's just an amusing pass time for those real life days that just seem dull.

As usual, I have framed and unframed versions. I'll admit this friend makes a good vampiress in my opinion. Wings and teeth were found on Google images, and the background is from Far Far Hill freebies stack "Halloween Night".

You also see I experimented with masked and unmasked concepts of the image, one obviously more mysterious.

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