Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vampiress Pearl

Vampiress Pearl, crowned version with fancy frame (left) and no hat with plain frame (right). Well, it's the month for creepy, so I figured why not? This image is of myself if I were a vampire/demon sort of creature, but don't worry, I have small fangs for biting fruit, and I live off coffee. :P

The crowned version is meant to look queen like, and the plain one is just basic. This image is based off a small joke between me and an old pal who calls me a vampire for being so nocturnal, always up really late making stuff and talking. I figured I'd go and make a picture of that just for fun.
I do of course have non framed versions. 

Once a long while ago I used this same image of myself in my first experiment of making a vampiress.

As you can see on the left, it's similar to its now better relative, but when I did this image I have to consider the fact that I don't believe I had a basic form of Photoshop at the time, and my experience in digital was still in basic learning stages. Not too bad though, same red color scheme for the dress, made the skin green, eyes reddish, and painted in the wings plus black lipstick.

Not as spooky as the new version complete with creepy woods setting. One of my buddies mentioned about the main image as seeming more demon like and less vampirick, but I say if it's creepy, it works. :P

A final note is that when I made this first version, I was challenging myself because I found it amusing when I saw what one of my friends parents did with a photo of her for some contest on creating a vampire image. Kind of thought that was cool.

Appearance of the newer version contains a certain style that has also applied to other art ideas of mine, including ones for characters of fan fiction and odd alternate worlds, specifically of a villain invention of mine, a vampire like guy named Crazar, winged like a bat, but doesn't have fangs for biting necessarily.

To the right is a concept of his character which I assembled in a chibi maker. You can see similar color scheme and style rubbed off into my vampire image.

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