Saturday, October 3, 2015

This Lonesome Road I Walk

It's not the rainy weather or the blowing wind that makes me gloomy, but just a feeling inside, the ache of feeling alone, unseen, misunderstood or forgotten by many on the road we call life. The road looks long and tiresome, some parts cracked, some parts smooth, and as it's walked I can only wonder what lies ahead. What lies beyond the gloom, the grey trees, and the cracked pavement? Is the sun brighter up ahead, or am I to walk this lonesome road for some time more? Maybe there's someone else like me ahead, someone who walks the same road alone, both of us seeking for a hand to hold with a need to speak our emotions and finally walk the road together.....I can't yet see beyond the gloom, but the whispered word "Maybe" keeps my feet from faltering, even if it may only be a hope on the road of life we each walk, alone or in company.

"This Lonesome Road I Walk" is a quick expression of emotion, created from two stock images found on DA. The poetic words of expression above are based off my own emotions and current internal mood. It actually has been dreary and wet outside, but feeling lonesome is what this image is based off. 

It's rather amusing, I looked for an image of someone walking, found one, then found the perfect background in the same gallery, this background seriously being called Lonely Road- Stock 5.
You can also see the model I used from the picture  Run Stock 5 Strange they both end with 5, like they were made for each other. :P

I created two versions, one with a smooth road, and one with partial cracking on the concrete. I liked the cracked concrete version more.This image can hold multiple concepts of emotions, and I'll note that I made the pavement cracked and the trees partially gray to appear as an old photo, our lonesome walker just starting to walk from a gloomy stage in life, looking at the road ahead which seems smooth and sunny.

Working on this quick image of emotional expression actually made me feel better, which is displayed through the art since it goes from gloomy to a bit brighter. The original idea in my head was entirely black and white, guess my mood adjusted as I did the art.

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  1. That's so great to hear that it made you feel better to create. Art is a really good therapy I've found even for myself <3