Friday, October 16, 2015

Scaredy Bat

 More spooky fun, "Scaredy Bat" has been a title in my notebook for a bit. After doing Vampiress Pearl, I got the urge to play around with other old pictures of friends to see how they look as spooky creatures as well.

Scaredy Bat reminds me of an old movie poster that's been colored here and there. The spooked looking guy is a simple photo of an internet pal (only picture I had to play with, so I did what I could). His expression seemed puzzled and uneasy, so I went with it and got a more humorous image. 

I decided to add vampiress pearl in the background with a creeper face, just to match the spooked expression of our young vampire prince. The clothing style and expression of my character kind of reminds me of the crazy gypsy look, there in the background in a Count Dracula like setting, keeping an eye on this vampire.

This scene also reminded me of a few things from role play inventions, again applying to my vampire like guy, Crazar. I imagined this vampire prince to be Lumane (Crazar's unwilling nephew), standing in Crazar's office with unease and not wanting to be there as a creepy face looks at him from behind a wall, his bigger shock that he's of royal bloodline (hence the fancy clothes).
As usual I have unframed versions, and the choice of crown or no crown. I honestly like the crown version. 
Most of the picture, all but the wings, fangs, and faces, is made up of digital downloads from Far Far Hill. I used two Halloween Night kits and a gold fabric kit. These freebies helped me create the background and fun clothes for this digital collage.

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