Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rush Hour Freeze

 A very simple collage that hardly changes the original flier image. I loved this HALLS ad, something about it is amusing. Then it happened, one day I saw a newspaper article titled "Rush-Hour Freeze", the very name making me think of some faux music group. It has a ring to it, so I saved the title, later to trace over it and make the text all icy and sparkly.

With a warm frame and my icy title, I assembled this collage as a concept image like a poster for a faux music group, the halls slogan sounding great with the title. "Rush-Hour Freeze, let the cool in". Our lead singer will of course be this pucker lipped Eskimo in shades. :P
I loved making my news article letters sparkly and frosted. As always, the real thing looks better than online.

Materials, scrapbook paper both black and metallic gold, printer paper, marker, sparkly jell pens, and snowflake stickers.

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