Friday, October 23, 2015

Green Absinthe Fairy

 Green Absinthe Fairy. It's a theme that's been done by many artists, inspired off the green fairy of absinthe, and I wanted to make my own take on it. Pretty as she is, the green fairy has a toxic side, the touch of worm wood, a medicinal remedy used for killing parasites. With this medicinal aspect in mind, I emphasized the theme by adding dying worms to the card.

Be careful, a little touch from the green fairy can be helpful, but too much can make you ill.
Non framed version.

Image is a digital collage consisting of a Far Far Hill background, Nouveau motifs, Graphics Fairy worms, an old painting of a woman, glass and wings from Google, and PSE effects.

Serves nicely as a card or concept label for absinthe.

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