Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Flower Fairy Collage- Foxglove, Heliotrope, Butterfly Beauty

Foxglove Fairy ATC (left). Another mini collage made to use up scraps from my  Fairy Fantasy Journals project. The foxglove fairy ATC is a relative to go along with the Red Clover Fairy card (right) which was also shown in the post Flower Fairy Collages- Lily, Rose, Clover. Collages listed there and here will be nicely tucked in the journals that fit their theme.

The Helitrope Fairy collage, also made from scraps, was enjoyable and not too much trouble. I used a little stamping, some scraps from flower fairy wrapping paper, more green packaging paper, scrapbook paper, glitter glue, jell pen and marker. I also had the chance to try out the ZIG glue pen on this project, a new tool on my work table which has helped with gluing the smaller objects.

Measures about 7x 3.5'' and I went through the trouble of trying to capture the sparkle of the glitter paper and glue through a photo instead of a scan. Photo version left, scanned version right. It was oddly challenging to find the name of the flower fairy, but finally I discovered it was the heliotrope fairy, an odd name.
Butterfly Beauty is a sudden shift in style from the classic flower fairy images, but I feel it fits the category of fairies since the books are full of butterflies. It's in a sense less of a collage and more of a mixed media improvement. The picture itself was from a magazine, I simply added a frame to it, embossed white leaves and flowers, then gave it a swervy title. I wanted to keep the image as a card, so I framed it to serve as such, the style of the long necked woman with the pink lettering reminding me of styles similar to Barbie Fairytopia ads. This card may or may not end up in a fairy book, the colors are very vibrant compared to the main color scheme of pastel, so it may end up in a different collection.

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