Sunday, October 11, 2015

Erozion's Jacket Design

 As mentioned in the Breakdown post, I designed this jacket for my character Erozion who is essentially my inner rebel from the Life of Lewa fan fiction. Though Erozion exists because the series of Bionicle inspired me in my younger years, he also exists in alternate concepts of human setting, hence the jacket design made to fit his character, Human form or Toa. 

His element consists of air and control over plants, this theme has been incorporated into his jacket design. His jacket is black leather with metallic embroidery and shiny wings (sewn or painted). Right image I display the pencil sketch and the left displays color scheme. The jacket to the right was the first design I sketched, but it wasn't the style I was going for, so I created the left version.

It's intricately embroidered with metallic green thread to look as twisting vines with silver spikes. The wings on the front pockets and back are an actual design from the Bionicle series during the Phantoka stages, and I applied it because it fit the theme of air so well, including the fact Erozion is Lewa's (the wind spirits) son in the fan fiction.

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