Thursday, October 22, 2015

Christmas Wishes Journal

Christmas Wishes, my first major Christmas themed book to be made. Made from a few cereal boxes, different wrapping paper saved through the years (excluding the Elf pages, that paper is new), some candy bags and envelopes from cards, and Christmas cards too. Measures about 7.5 x 9'', is accented with washi tape, glazed with Liquitex satin varnish, and sewn with gold metallic thread. front cover title is a pretty Christmas card I liked.

The thing I like about the gold thread is how it sparkles in the light on my sewn spine (left). And to the right you can see it's a nice roomy journal, made that way so I'd have room to add bulk and not worry about busting the book with bulge. 

I found for a brief moment I was slightly discouraged when once more I was questioned as to why I put so much effort into making a book out of garbage. And though it may seem puzzling to some, the answer is simple, quirky as it is. I know that any project takes effort and dedication, some less than others, so why use materials that can rot? The way I see it, when I create a project out of recycled material or considered to be junk, I'm using these odd objects because I like them. Scrapbook paper isn't decorated like wrapping paper, envelopes from Christmas cards become writing spots while reminding you of names and addresses from different people who still acknowledge your existence. Christmas cards are fun to look at, little pieces of art in themselves for tucking away and looking back on. Candy bags with metallic are too cool to set aside, who doesn't like something shiny? 

Yes, it may seem odd to put effort into something that's truly made of recycled materials, but when I do it, I do it with the open mind of a challenge and am adding materials I saved because I liked them, and want to look at them now and then. Creating a book with recycled material is no different than other art forms like collage, which can consist of flier images and odd bits and pieces of whatever. These materials are no different than what the book is made of, and effort is required for even a basic illustration, but it's an art form none the less, degradable or acid free.

 I plan to use this book for keeping record of small memories while incorporating some art into the mix, a bit of collage and writing here and there.

Here's a video  flip through as always.

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