Wednesday, October 7, 2015


 "Breakdown". This image is based on an inner emotion, a mood that's weighted, heavy, sad, tired, lost with a sense of grief and reluctance to go home, feeling like you're trying to escape but life brings you down. This scene has flashed through my mind on many occasions when I dream of the dark things, dwell on certain heavy emotions, but all of it relates to the emotion of my inner character, my inner rebel more specifically.

This scene is inspired from my fan fiction, Life of Lewa, but portrayed in a human setting instead of an alien one. The lonesome young man who skid on the wet road and fell, is named Erozion, this is how I imagined him as a human character. Poor guy just went for a ride to clear his mind, not wanting to go home and feeling empty inside, his friendships slim and his life stressful at times, the rebel side in him something that causes trouble upon his days. For a brief moment in a blur after a sharp skid, his mind feels half at ease as his face lies limp against the wet pavement, the rain pouring down like tears of pitty for him as he readies himself to push forward as he always has, in joy or sadness, doing his best to deal with the pain. Yes he will stand and get back on his bike, but this brief moment is where our focus is.
I settled with the blue tinted version of the image, but have included the warm tone version too, as you can see. The blue set the mood better, but the warm one shows you the actual colors of the scene, and behaves more as a deep night setting than a rainy evening.

I wanted to get this picture as close to the scene in my head as I could. Sadly, because I lack the necessary skill to pull off just the right perspective of a person still, I had to look up reference and use it as a guide. The image Male Stock 89 by BirdsistersStock from DA was the closest I could get to what I imagined, I just had to tweak the angle, adjust the right hand, add in a different angle to the legs, tweak hair and add my own clothing style. Speaking of clothes, it felt great finally drawing Erozion's jacket design into an actual scene. I loved designing the jacket, so it was even more fun applying it to an illustration. 

Hard to believe I forgot to blog about it on here, so have a look to the left and expect a more detailed post in the future about this jacket.

Further details about "Breakdown". The country road was a photo I took while in Ohio, the chopper was drawn freehand after I gazed at green choppers on Google with sparkly eyes. (I'll note I have a personalized chopper design in mind for Erozion which I haven't yet tackled). Rain and tire treads were images found on Google, Maori brushes made bike detail a breeze, and the rest was all me.

This picture really holds a lot of feels for me, art based off emotion can be surprising at times, and I like that.

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