Thursday, October 29, 2015

Black Widow Woman

 Another spooky one for the month, fun and sparkly. In the lair of the black widow queen, one kiss could be deadly, so stay sharp and mind her webs, home of her docile, but lethal pet.

Above version is a photo scan mix for clarity and color.
 To the left is the scanned version which lost all its luster, and to the right is the photo.

Materials used: Background consists of stencil bricks on the floor colored with jelly roll glaze pens. Spiderwebs and spider are stamped and embossed. Woman, boots, and red hourglass are flier and packaging images.Details and touch ups made using jell pen and eye shadow. The stool was actually only half complete and had lettering on it, so I added it to it with jell pen to make webbing.
Close ups are always a nice addition to show off the boot and webbing detail (left), and our spider queen's makeup details plus fangs.

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