Monday, October 26, 2015

Beware Poison Journal

The poison themed book, inspired off an old cover idea that's been in the box for years.With new stamps and embossing powders in the collection, the creation of this book was even more enjoyable. The panel above is an overview of all book details.
This journal idea has always been a toxic theme idea, something deadly like a diary with words of warning not to open the book, charm ideas and color scheme becoming more interesting as I worked on it.

We get our skeleton in the closet effect on the back page with our sickly green dead guy and sparkly webbing. The first page displays an eek as you dare to look past the warning, beware sign on the front cover. This book is a toxic adventure, fun for adding spooky pictures to.

My charms were added last, I felt the book needed some emphasis on its poison theme, so I used some cardboard, scrapbook paper, embossing, Mod Podge dimensional magic, and laminate sheet to create my basic charms. Those charms consist of a toxic green scull and cross bone with a bubble in his eyes that watches you, and a toxic green spider on the back (venom being part of poison). Then comes the basic domino charm with a flip side of danger and beware, both charm sets accented with green beads that can serve as worms or poison drops.
Nothing is quite as fun though as the poison bottles. They were an experiment I'm happy with. I wanted the book to have a few bottles hanging from a chain, since poison and bottles go together...but I had no mini bottles with corks to use, so I sought an alternative. I saved some old mechanical pencils, the one being green, and I felt the outer tube of it was perfect to create some vials.

I simply took it apart, cut it carefully with a saw in three sections, then created bottoms and corks with baking clay. I mixed glow in the dark paint and glue into the bottle once the bottom was glued in, then gave the one a label to cover up the company name of the pencil (above). I applied my label with double stick tape and some laminate. 

One thing I find amusing are the anonymous letters on the scrapbook paper that appear to say "verpoo". To me that sounds like a fancy term for vapor poo, as in fart in a bottle, in other words toxic waste. :P

 As you can see to the left, I mixed glow in the dark paint and glue into the bottles so they would glow in the dark, a fun idea for something poisonous.

A final detail, the hand assembled pocket to the right with the vines holding it is what this project originated from.
 As you can see above, this is the vine design for that pocket which I created. I had folded a piece of green paper in half so I would get symmetry when I cut out my design, this resulted in leftover negative space from the cut out, which I saved and later glued to black paper, thus resulting in the concept of a poison book now created years later.

And yes, I have a fun video for you, enjoy watching. :)

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