Saturday, October 10, 2015

Amazonia Peacock Queen

  Amazonia Peacock Queen. I've had my eye on certain flier images in my collection, and tackled one that has been an idea for quite awhile. Last week I worked on this piece which took me several days to do as I tried tackling the right composition setting which worked best for this sparkling peacock queen.

Capturing the details was hard with camera, but every peacock feather around the frame has been accented with glitter pen, and the non photo colors the scanner couldn't pick up on have been captured.
Peacock and woman were from tv ad images, other elements from ads were added, then I used some painted scraps of paper, scrapbook paper, metallic and sparkly jell pen, and even part of a chocolate box (the label Amazonia). I loved making this Nouveau style image, the final results seeming to be like an advertisement for a new kind of tropical chocolate or some other luxurious product.
Here's a view of the scanned image. Colors are far from captured because of the non photo tones and neon shades.

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