Friday, October 30, 2015

Verpoo Doo & Night Dragon

 Verpoo Doo, my first collage in the poison book. The title of this collage is based off the name of the vial on the charm dangle, mentioned back in the book post. What's our little witch brewing? Maybe pea soup, or maybe she's cleaning the chamber pot. O_O Her dog doesn't know what to think of this, but sometimes success can stink. :P
The main version of Verpoo Doo is a mix of photo and scan. To the left is the photo itself, and details of the metallic green writing is shown to the right.
I also took a picture of my background, most the work involved was spent on it.
Look close, I added sparkly outline to my pink pattern.

Materials: Scrapbook paper, jell pens, stencils, stamps, embossing, eye shadow, and old flier images.
Let the Night "Dragon", a relative of Verpoo Doo in series, made on the other side of the page in the book. 
I had fun with a pun that's been in mind for a long while. Seems our little boy's dragon disguise helped him find a new friend (I just call it a baby bone dragon).  
Scanned version then tweaked with the photo. The main version above is the photo itself. 
A close up of the metallic blue lettering with sparkly accents.
The lantern's color was only captured best as a photo. I used yellow jell pen with a hint of orange and clear sparkly accents.
  And One more close up of our dragon creature with stone and webbing details. 

Materials: Scrapbook paper, jell pen, colored pencil, chalk, stamping, embossing, stenciling, and flier images.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Black Widow Woman

 Another spooky one for the month, fun and sparkly. In the lair of the black widow queen, one kiss could be deadly, so stay sharp and mind her webs, home of her docile, but lethal pet.

Above version is a photo scan mix for clarity and color.
 To the left is the scanned version which lost all its luster, and to the right is the photo.

Materials used: Background consists of stencil bricks on the floor colored with jelly roll glaze pens. Spiderwebs and spider are stamped and embossed. Woman, boots, and red hourglass are flier and packaging images.Details and touch ups made using jell pen and eye shadow. The stool was actually only half complete and had lettering on it, so I added it to it with jell pen to make webbing.
Close ups are always a nice addition to show off the boot and webbing detail (left), and our spider queen's makeup details plus fangs.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rush Hour Freeze

 A very simple collage that hardly changes the original flier image. I loved this HALLS ad, something about it is amusing. Then it happened, one day I saw a newspaper article titled "Rush-Hour Freeze", the very name making me think of some faux music group. It has a ring to it, so I saved the title, later to trace over it and make the text all icy and sparkly.

With a warm frame and my icy title, I assembled this collage as a concept image like a poster for a faux music group, the halls slogan sounding great with the title. "Rush-Hour Freeze, let the cool in". Our lead singer will of course be this pucker lipped Eskimo in shades. :P
I loved making my news article letters sparkly and frosted. As always, the real thing looks better than online.

Materials, scrapbook paper both black and metallic gold, printer paper, marker, sparkly jell pens, and snowflake stickers.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Beware Poison Journal

The poison themed book, inspired off an old cover idea that's been in the box for years.With new stamps and embossing powders in the collection, the creation of this book was even more enjoyable. The panel above is an overview of all book details.
This journal idea has always been a toxic theme idea, something deadly like a diary with words of warning not to open the book, charm ideas and color scheme becoming more interesting as I worked on it.

We get our skeleton in the closet effect on the back page with our sickly green dead guy and sparkly webbing. The first page displays an eek as you dare to look past the warning, beware sign on the front cover. This book is a toxic adventure, fun for adding spooky pictures to.

My charms were added last, I felt the book needed some emphasis on its poison theme, so I used some cardboard, scrapbook paper, embossing, Mod Podge dimensional magic, and laminate sheet to create my basic charms. Those charms consist of a toxic green scull and cross bone with a bubble in his eyes that watches you, and a toxic green spider on the back (venom being part of poison). Then comes the basic domino charm with a flip side of danger and beware, both charm sets accented with green beads that can serve as worms or poison drops.
Nothing is quite as fun though as the poison bottles. They were an experiment I'm happy with. I wanted the book to have a few bottles hanging from a chain, since poison and bottles go together...but I had no mini bottles with corks to use, so I sought an alternative. I saved some old mechanical pencils, the one being green, and I felt the outer tube of it was perfect to create some vials.

I simply took it apart, cut it carefully with a saw in three sections, then created bottoms and corks with baking clay. I mixed glow in the dark paint and glue into the bottle once the bottom was glued in, then gave the one a label to cover up the company name of the pencil (above). I applied my label with double stick tape and some laminate. 

One thing I find amusing are the anonymous letters on the scrapbook paper that appear to say "verpoo". To me that sounds like a fancy term for vapor poo, as in fart in a bottle, in other words toxic waste. :P

 As you can see to the left, I mixed glow in the dark paint and glue into the bottles so they would glow in the dark, a fun idea for something poisonous.

A final detail, the hand assembled pocket to the right with the vines holding it is what this project originated from.
 As you can see above, this is the vine design for that pocket which I created. I had folded a piece of green paper in half so I would get symmetry when I cut out my design, this resulted in leftover negative space from the cut out, which I saved and later glued to black paper, thus resulting in the concept of a poison book now created years later.

And yes, I have a fun video for you, enjoy watching. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sing In the Rain

 You know that classic scene of singing in the rain... I always wondered why the guy was so optimistic, putting his umbrella down and swinging around a light pole.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a dark mood, but then this idea came back to mind. If it were me in the scene, I would say, "I'll sing in the rain with my umbrella up, thank you." In other words, never let your guard down, no matter how good something seems.
And of course I have an unframed and no text version.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Green Absinthe Fairy

 Green Absinthe Fairy. It's a theme that's been done by many artists, inspired off the green fairy of absinthe, and I wanted to make my own take on it. Pretty as she is, the green fairy has a toxic side, the touch of worm wood, a medicinal remedy used for killing parasites. With this medicinal aspect in mind, I emphasized the theme by adding dying worms to the card.

Be careful, a little touch from the green fairy can be helpful, but too much can make you ill.
Non framed version.

Image is a digital collage consisting of a Far Far Hill background, Nouveau motifs, Graphics Fairy worms, an old painting of a woman, glass and wings from Google, and PSE effects.

Serves nicely as a card or concept label for absinthe.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Christmas Wishes Journal

Christmas Wishes, my first major Christmas themed book to be made. Made from a few cereal boxes, different wrapping paper saved through the years (excluding the Elf pages, that paper is new), some candy bags and envelopes from cards, and Christmas cards too. Measures about 7.5 x 9'', is accented with washi tape, glazed with Liquitex satin varnish, and sewn with gold metallic thread. front cover title is a pretty Christmas card I liked.

The thing I like about the gold thread is how it sparkles in the light on my sewn spine (left). And to the right you can see it's a nice roomy journal, made that way so I'd have room to add bulk and not worry about busting the book with bulge. 

I found for a brief moment I was slightly discouraged when once more I was questioned as to why I put so much effort into making a book out of garbage. And though it may seem puzzling to some, the answer is simple, quirky as it is. I know that any project takes effort and dedication, some less than others, so why use materials that can rot? The way I see it, when I create a project out of recycled material or considered to be junk, I'm using these odd objects because I like them. Scrapbook paper isn't decorated like wrapping paper, envelopes from Christmas cards become writing spots while reminding you of names and addresses from different people who still acknowledge your existence. Christmas cards are fun to look at, little pieces of art in themselves for tucking away and looking back on. Candy bags with metallic are too cool to set aside, who doesn't like something shiny? 

Yes, it may seem odd to put effort into something that's truly made of recycled materials, but when I do it, I do it with the open mind of a challenge and am adding materials I saved because I liked them, and want to look at them now and then. Creating a book with recycled material is no different than other art forms like collage, which can consist of flier images and odd bits and pieces of whatever. These materials are no different than what the book is made of, and effort is required for even a basic illustration, but it's an art form none the less, degradable or acid free.

 I plan to use this book for keeping record of small memories while incorporating some art into the mix, a bit of collage and writing here and there.

Here's a video  flip through as always.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Burt's Bees Balm Book

 A mini project now finished. Birt's Bees lip balm journal, measures about 3x4'', has four signatures, made from some cereal box, a Birt's Bees lip balm box, scrapbook paper, sketchbook paper, black satin ribbon, and a charm.

I started this project many many years ago, and at the time was discourage seeing this was in fact the very first book I ever tried to make with sewn signatures. I got stuck on the cover once I had my pages cut, you can see below, the cover when it first sat on my old desk.
Covering rounded corners isn't easy, I found that out pretty quickly. I was further discouraged when my mom felt the corners looked bad and I found I couldn't get any help with my first steps of making the book, soon to tuck it away in a small box for many years after that.

I'm glad I never fully gave up on it, having planned on finishing it one day when I was ready for it, and now I found I was. In only about an hour I finished what I started, the sewing simple and fun.
With just some ribbon scraps, a silly charm, and a flower gem, I gave the book its final touches, yay! :)

Of course I made a small video, not long, but simple and cute.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Vampiress Rose

More spooky image fun, third experiment of making familiar faces into spooky creatures, this being Vampiress Rose, model is another friend. 

I'm considering this a fun game, and figure that it might be interesting to add these images to a fake photo album (like a play time picture book that tells a story from the what if angle of myself and those I'm familiar with being in a fairy tale setting, each alternate concept being a new idea). Basically, play journals that show the side of what if one day we're vegetarian vampires, what if another day we're vikings. How would we be in different roles, what part of the story do we take part in? It's just an amusing pass time for those real life days that just seem dull.

As usual, I have framed and unframed versions. I'll admit this friend makes a good vampiress in my opinion. Wings and teeth were found on Google images, and the background is from Far Far Hill freebies stack "Halloween Night".

You also see I experimented with masked and unmasked concepts of the image, one obviously more mysterious.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Scaredy Bat

 More spooky fun, "Scaredy Bat" has been a title in my notebook for a bit. After doing Vampiress Pearl, I got the urge to play around with other old pictures of friends to see how they look as spooky creatures as well.

Scaredy Bat reminds me of an old movie poster that's been colored here and there. The spooked looking guy is a simple photo of an internet pal (only picture I had to play with, so I did what I could). His expression seemed puzzled and uneasy, so I went with it and got a more humorous image. 

I decided to add vampiress pearl in the background with a creeper face, just to match the spooked expression of our young vampire prince. The clothing style and expression of my character kind of reminds me of the crazy gypsy look, there in the background in a Count Dracula like setting, keeping an eye on this vampire.

This scene also reminded me of a few things from role play inventions, again applying to my vampire like guy, Crazar. I imagined this vampire prince to be Lumane (Crazar's unwilling nephew), standing in Crazar's office with unease and not wanting to be there as a creepy face looks at him from behind a wall, his bigger shock that he's of royal bloodline (hence the fancy clothes).
As usual I have unframed versions, and the choice of crown or no crown. I honestly like the crown version. 
Most of the picture, all but the wings, fangs, and faces, is made up of digital downloads from Far Far Hill. I used two Halloween Night kits and a gold fabric kit. These freebies helped me create the background and fun clothes for this digital collage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vampiress Pearl

Vampiress Pearl, crowned version with fancy frame (left) and no hat with plain frame (right). Well, it's the month for creepy, so I figured why not? This image is of myself if I were a vampire/demon sort of creature, but don't worry, I have small fangs for biting fruit, and I live off coffee. :P

The crowned version is meant to look queen like, and the plain one is just basic. This image is based off a small joke between me and an old pal who calls me a vampire for being so nocturnal, always up really late making stuff and talking. I figured I'd go and make a picture of that just for fun.
I do of course have non framed versions. 

Once a long while ago I used this same image of myself in my first experiment of making a vampiress.

As you can see on the left, it's similar to its now better relative, but when I did this image I have to consider the fact that I don't believe I had a basic form of Photoshop at the time, and my experience in digital was still in basic learning stages. Not too bad though, same red color scheme for the dress, made the skin green, eyes reddish, and painted in the wings plus black lipstick.

Not as spooky as the new version complete with creepy woods setting. One of my buddies mentioned about the main image as seeming more demon like and less vampirick, but I say if it's creepy, it works. :P

A final note is that when I made this first version, I was challenging myself because I found it amusing when I saw what one of my friends parents did with a photo of her for some contest on creating a vampire image. Kind of thought that was cool.

Appearance of the newer version contains a certain style that has also applied to other art ideas of mine, including ones for characters of fan fiction and odd alternate worlds, specifically of a villain invention of mine, a vampire like guy named Crazar, winged like a bat, but doesn't have fangs for biting necessarily.

To the right is a concept of his character which I assembled in a chibi maker. You can see similar color scheme and style rubbed off into my vampire image.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Erozion's Jacket Design

 As mentioned in the Breakdown post, I designed this jacket for my character Erozion who is essentially my inner rebel from the Life of Lewa fan fiction. Though Erozion exists because the series of Bionicle inspired me in my younger years, he also exists in alternate concepts of human setting, hence the jacket design made to fit his character, Human form or Toa. 

His element consists of air and control over plants, this theme has been incorporated into his jacket design. His jacket is black leather with metallic embroidery and shiny wings (sewn or painted). Right image I display the pencil sketch and the left displays color scheme. The jacket to the right was the first design I sketched, but it wasn't the style I was going for, so I created the left version.

It's intricately embroidered with metallic green thread to look as twisting vines with silver spikes. The wings on the front pockets and back are an actual design from the Bionicle series during the Phantoka stages, and I applied it because it fit the theme of air so well, including the fact Erozion is Lewa's (the wind spirits) son in the fan fiction.