Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flower Fairy Collages- Lily, Rose, Clover

 "Roses and Lilies"

I've had some scraps from one large project that's been taking me the entire month and then some. My work in progress is a flower, herb, and fairy themed junk journal that's been taking me some time, these collage pieces being side projects created from scraps set to the side from larger elements of the book. I figure these small art pieces will serve nicely as pretty pictures to add to the journal upon completion.

Roses and Lilies is made from flower fairy wrapping paper scraps, green packaging paper, scrapbook paper, and part of a very old tissue box that's been in my stash for too many years to count. Measures about 9x5''.
 "Rose Fairy" (left), is made from similar elements, the background being made from some patterned packaging and an old scrap of wrapping paper that was wrapped around dishes from a yard sale. I also crinkled the green packaging paper and rubbed it with brown and dark green stamp pads. Measures about 5x7''.

"Red clover Fairy" (right) is an ATC (artist trading card) sized collage. It was rather fun making something so small from scraps of flower fairy wrapping paper, inner patterns of mail envelopes, and just a bit of scrapbook paper. This one will tuck nicely in a pocket.

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