Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reese's Heart Book

Reese's Heart Book. A nice big display of the fun insides above.

Years ago I kept a box and bag from Valentine's Day goodies, my plans were to create a book with them because I loved the heart window in the box so much. The theme was to be for chocolate lovers, even without a date, chocolate is always a friend. :P

My base pages were made from cereal boxes that I painted with white gesso. Originally I was going to paint the surface directly, but changed my mind later and used scrapbook paper. I also added in brown paper later on, collecting materials for the book in time.
Left is the spine which is what some would call a hidden spine I think...I made a base spine, sewed my signatures to it, then glued yellow paper over it to hide the stitches. I had to extend the spine size from my original idea since cereal box pages do create their own bulk. I also added pretty gold ribbon to match, glued under parts of the cover.
The charms were a fun experiment. I used some beads and gold chain on hand, hung red and silver gold beads from it, made a paper locket charm and wax seal from red paper that I glazed then embossed on with black and transparent powder. I added some dimensional magic to my heart charm for some shine. The chocolate bar was really fun, made from wall protector pads you stick on picture frames, backed with part of a brown cereal box, wrapped with gold ribbon and completed with my paper heart seal. The final domino charm (as I call it) was made by glazing black paper, embossing on a picture of chocolates in a heart box with the words "sweet" and "love". The sparkly red side was my first attempt, the powder was a bit harder to deal with. After I made my paper pieces, I laminated them, added them to four layers of cereal box tabs, inked black on the edges, then drilled a hole for the jump ring. All objects were added with jump rings, and I poked a hole at the top of the spine to attach the full dangle.
The inside, I really love that black paper with gold metallic. The chocolate page is from the sweets stack.
Used some scrapbook paper, stenciled on some words and inked it with jell pen.
Made tags with scrap pieces of paper and ribbon, and hand stenciled, then embossed my sparkly heart paper. Speaking of which, it's true you can use materials on hand. Don't have papers that match your theme? Try making some of  your own with what you have (it just takes a tone of work to hand stamp and emboss everything like I did).
A hidden heart.
Simple love note, made from scraps of cut out when I made the cover.
I loved making these tuck spots that look like giant peanut butter cup halves. All I did was take sparkly silver paper and textured brown paper, used a compass to make a circle, one size smaller than the other, cut out the silver wrapper with deckled edge craft scissors, glued my pieces together, cut them in half, then stuck the edges of them to my pages with double stick tape.
One of my middle pockets made of printer paper and elements from the box.
Some hidden bag tags from the second pocket.
A peanut butter tuck spot with mini tags and more hand stenciled/embossed paper.

One of the scrap tags (left) with it's simple diamond shape.
And finally the back of the book with more of that oh so pretty metallic paper.
 Of course there's always more to see in the video. ^.~

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