Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Reed's Candy Box Book

Been working on this for half the week. Making journals in a relaxed fashion, not worrying about what I'm going to use it for and just making it has helped me move along.
This Reed's candy box for ginger chews has been sitting on the top of my paper drawers forever, collecting dust. I always considered using it for something and finally got tired of it just sitting there, so I made it my next book project, a true mini.

This project also helped me find ways of using a few things in my stash, like the flip flop ribbon. I finally got to use a bit of it on the book to match that warm, tropical label.
The book measures approximately 2 1/4'' x 3'' with a total of 4 signatures. Made from a Reed's ginger candy box, yellow parchment paper, green graph paper, tracing graph paper, security envelopes, ribbon, and brads. Contains 21 pockets and tuck spots, plus tags.
I only had to use one sheet of each paper to make all my signatures with only a few security envelope halves for interest.

I used different kinds of ribbons from the craft drawers for my tags, and am super glad I had a stencil to make all those tags (excluding the three mini tags). I had to make a stencil for those.

Here's a thing I learned and made mistakes three times before getting it right. While sewing your signatures into the paper backing that glues to the cover along the spine, make sure all your signatures are sewn in the right direction. I felt like a dingbat when I realized I sewed by first signature in upside down, which means the pockets were on the top of the page. I had to go back and resew my pages in. Second mistake, always remember your signatures are facing the right direction before gluing everything down.....I glued mine to the cover and found my pages were upside down and backwards in the book. Thankfully my cheap letter opener helped pry under the partially wet glued papers again so I could correct my mistake. Once all was glued in properly, I added my inner cover papers and some washi tape.

As usual, here's a flip through of the book.

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