Sunday, July 5, 2015

Madam Ozmond Witch-collage

Having fun with paper again. What's up with Autumn colors in July? When the inspiration hits, you just gotta take it. Madam Ozmond was fun to make, so I think she'll be slipping into the series of fairytale villains if I ever make more witch collages or creepy creature figures who fall into the category of villain.

Lets talk about material. The background is all scrapbook paper, including the chandelier. Our main figure, her little black cat, and the ripply trim on her sleeves and dress bottom are all from fliers.  Part of her hat and sparkly purple corset are scrapbook paper. Her cape holder and top part of her hat are scraps from a wrapping of foreign sausage, and her cape is folded black tissue paper. Final accents on the outfit and lamp are done with pen and jell pen, completed with sparkly embossed stamped edges along the border. I also added some eye makeup and a mole digitally, to add some interest.
 Speaking of sparkles, because most scanners don't pick up on the luster of them, I've taken photos to show what the eye doesn't miss. The chandelier has been accented with sparkly jell pen.
 The corset is sparkly paper with some texture.
And even the floor has sparkle.

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