Monday, June 1, 2015

Sparkle Fairy collage

Using ad images for mini collage. I have been super behind in posting much, spending more time doing projects not so much collage related or illustration based, but rather a load of writing. 

It's true, I've been pushing to whip up stories new and old, both in fan fiction and my life. The past few weeks have consisted of story writing online and journal keeping on the side with multiple photo pages needing to be added.

I've also had my run ins with an accident of spilling coffee on my computer, so that has set the art process back a bit as well....

This Sparkle Fairy collage is what I've managed to get a picture of this week. I made the picture back on May 10'th while I still had some motivation to finish one last mini collage I started but left to sit for awhile. No I've never seen the commercials for the Sparkle fairy, I just thought she looked cute and wanted to experiment with using the side of a tissue box as my background. Seems it was successful and I added some embossed sparkly spots and a glow spots over her wand. Taking photos to capture sparkly hints is still a pain and the sparkles over the wand didn't show up, so I added some spots digitally to make up for that.

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