Friday, March 20, 2015

Woman's Dream-collage

"Woman's Dream"

An old collage concept made better. Below is the original, again one of those lazy collage pieces that required little thought or even a background. Year unknown, improvements were recent.

I took the original piece, then used some scanned scrapbook papers to complete it. The floor, blankets, dream bubble and background are all scrapbook paper applied digitally. As for the outline and thought bubble shape, those are shape options in PSE.

The concept, what does woman dream about? Going from left and leading around the bubble in a clockwise motion, a symbolic story of life is expressed in a very simple way. Roses come first as a proposal to date, a ring comes for marriage, then cooking which is part of home keeping, then a baby, followed by a gold shell that could stand for a seaside moment with her husband, a camera representing memories captured and cherished, and a heart to stand for love well spent.
Dimensions: 8.5''x 11''.

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