Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Simply Spring Fantasy-fashion

"Spring Fairy", "Picnic Sailing", "Afternoon Tea". More sketches of fashion compiled  in a single display, each one themed off late spring shades.

"Spring Fairy" is an old sketch (top sketches), a bodice and skirt design themed off flowers and colored in my favorite shades of creamy yellow, dusty rose pink, and lime green. The second bodice design I think I like more, specifically because the sleeve shape.

"Picnic Sailing" (bottom left), more of a late May theme, is a dress design inspired off something I saw in a pattern catalog which was very much like this. I settled on royal blue, white, and lime green as my color scheme; inspired off the thought of seaside picnics, a dress to wear on the beach for a late spring/early summer day.

"Afternoon Tea" (bottom right), a spring time outfit in dusty shades of orange and lime, with a hint of cream, like zinger tea with milk. I picture this being worn on garden walks, and at afternoon tea parties, simple and cute.

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