Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Power Puff Girls-collage

  This collage is about as old as "Floating Shamrocks", I wasn't very old when I made it.
Fun trivia, this is the only piece of Power Puff Girl fan art I have.

I'm so happy I chose collage to make the piece, and in its childish simplicity it holds a certain charm that makes me think of the crayon drawings the PPG's made in the cartoon.

Materials: Construction paper, peach printer paper, pencil, and marker.
Sadly the cheap material degrades with time. Below is what the image was like before tweaking. Note the acidic yellow tone (and the paper is starting to slowly crumble). I tweaked a few things to minimize the yellow tint and got the above results, then a few level adjustments led to the final product.
Also notice the marker used reacted with the acidic paper in time and got that odd blotchy look. Still cute though.

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