Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mini Themes-collages

"Bedtime Theme"

Mini themes, collage images that are rather old and based around themes (In other words, lazy collage). Date of pieces unknown. Dimensions: Roughly 8.5''x 5.5''.

Bedtime theme, I like the right half of it, and the lady in the middle.The pleasant greens and bamboo themes of the bedroom make me happy.

"Flower Garden"

I do like this one most in the themes collection. Flowers look good clustered together, even in an odd messy way.
 "Summer Activities"

Then we pan over from a flowery spring to the Summers Activities collage, a theme about swimming, colorful towels, afternoon naps in the cool of a home, and golf days out in a sunny field.

Graduates collage was at first not part of the themes collection, till I decide it was based off the same splurge of the moment urge to make collage even if it's not that great. I will say, sadly, that the graduates collage makes me feel the most ill, and brings a slight cringe to my face....Set up seems fine, but it's not my best.

I made the piece from a flier having to do with college; all images and even the background are from the same flier. Only fun part, a collage made from a college flier, those two words very similar.

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