Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ice Manor Inspiration+ Sicline's Sword Dance

Lately my inspiration has been very revolved around my RP character Sicline, the ice type detective from the Bionicle based MN-CN-I RP.

Recently my thoughts have been heavily focusing on her ice manor, a beautiful estate made between family and friends. I love the ice manor so much that I sculpted it from snow, and am exceptionally drawn to the edited night versions of the pictures (above and left). The outside as a sculpture is suppose to seem fairly grand, more details about these simple photos can be found on the "Frosted Stories" post  near the end.

After making the sculpture, I wanted to walk inside this frosty manor whos rooms have flashed through my mind multiple times during RP, and I desperately wanted to find some examples that could portray a concept to other actors of the story of what I see in my mind when I think of Sicline's Manor.
 At first I attempted to paint her manor lobby and staircase in PSE, but found that I lacked the energy, skill, and motivation to pull it off, so I looked up on Google images in hopes of finding some inspiration for aid in drawing the lobby. 
First I looked up staircases since that's the main thing that came to mind, and eventually I stumbled onto this very well done painting called "Einzbern castle staircase". When I saw it I immediately pictured closer to what the ice manor lobby might be like, only all shades would be cool, not warm. I so badly wanted to see what that was like, so I adjusted the color of this painting in PSE, and got the following.

Of course all credit goes to the artist who painted the piece still, but I'll admit I love the look of the place in blue and white, the main color schemes of Sicline's home. This final result is just about how I picture Sicline's lobby. A door would be on the right leading to her kitchen, and the door on the left to her living room, and more rooms continue back into the house and upstairs, each bedroom having its own bathroom, the place fit for many guests.
During my search I also dreamed of other rooms besides her lobby, and this image appealed to me window wise. I kind of like the idea of a white and blue themed room like this somewhere in her manor.

After finding what looked close to Sicline's lobby and making it blue, I borrowed the image and couldn't resist making a scene of Sicline in Human form doing her ice sword dance in the lobby, a common practice of hers to clear her mind and relax in between detective work.
Making her a Human ice type in the scene was done so I could more easily draw my recent White Night fashion design on her. This outfit design was used in story for this scene.
I settled with two versions of the image, one with ice around her (above) and one without (below).
A mistake I made was making the character rather small for the environment. I didn't realize to the right was a fireplace, which looks huge compared to the figure. But then I remembered if this is a home to Toa, and there's a Human standing in it, it makes total sense seeing Toa are 7' 2" tall on average, hence their homes would make a Human look pretty small.

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